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Winner of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada Award 2022

Coaching and mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners to reach their full potential in Canada and worldwide Read full article here.

Georges Hanna - Smart Income

Halifax Chamber of Commerce Award: Finalist Exporter of the Year 2022

The limitation of local markets in terms of size, population, high competition, and the fluctuation of the economy, got us thinking about how to reach customers outside our geographical borders. We understand that the current economy is the digital knowledge economy. For that, we use the latest Neuro-Psychology systems and methods in business to reach clients overseas digitally and teaching other local businesses and local professionals to do the same. Read full article here.

Georges Hanna - Smart Income
The learning curve is the most enjoyable part of doing business with different cultures. Plus, the opportunity is huge in terms of sales and profit compared to staying only local. Reaching different markets online makes competition almost obsolete. We can sell to countries and areas we have never thought of before. Read about the award here.

Georges Hanna - Smart Income

Digital Nova Scotia Award 2021: Finalist Digital Diversity Change Maker

Change Maker

Acknowledging an individual who has proactively inspired diversity in tech through community engagement, working with underrepresented groups, and creative initiatives. Check here.